At Russell Roof Tiles we take our commitment to sustainability very seriously. We started our sustainability journey over 10 years ago and our long-term ambition is to reduce emissions that damage the environment and improve our operational efficiency.

In the last five years we have already reduced our environmental impact by investing time and money in changing our policies and adopting new technologies as part of our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint.

We continue to work hard to source materials locally and we were the first British roof tile manufacturer to have achieved an “Excellent” rating for responsible supplier sourcing.  We have also signed up to the SME Climate Hub, which is a government initiative aimed at getting SMEs in the UK on the path to Net Zero.  We have also achieved gold status with the Supply Chain Sustainability School, which is a multi-award-winning initiative that represents a common approach to addressing sustainability within supply chains.

Russell Roof Tiles is committed to meeting an ambitious target of Net Zero by 2040.
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Each year we compile a report which outlines our progress to date and shares with our stakeholders the key performance figures on which we continually look to improve.

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Below are the highlights from our latest report, which details our sustainability improvements over the last 5 years.


In the last 5 years we have reduced our Kg of C02 arising from Gas, Electricity & Gas oil usage per tonne of concrete products by 34%. This is owed in part to decreases in the conversions factors of grid electricity, but also to the installation of our CHP unit at the Burton site. This resulted in reduced overall electricity consumption by 67%.


In the last 5 years we have reduced energy use per tonne of concrete product by 8%. This is by improving heat efficiency, improving workplace design and upgrading equipment.


In the last 5 years we have reduced Concrete waste per tonne of concrete product by 47%. This was achieved by making strategic upgrades to our plant and equipment and realising efficiency gains.


In the last 5 years we have reduced Packaging (Timber, plastics & cardboard) per tonne of concrete product by 9%. This was done by collaborating with suppliers to re-design packaging, use alternatives with lighter weight & lower density, as well as greater recycled content.


In the last 5 years we have increased the average load size of our deliveries by 20%, and in doing so, reduced kg CO2e arising from deliveries by 30% per tonne of product delivered. This was achieved by planning efficiently and working with customers & third party hauliers.

Inbound Supplies

Wherever possible we source materials locally and the majority of our inbound materials are from within the UK. In the last 5 years we have reduced delivery distance of our inbound raw materials by 9%.