Award created to honour the passing of Russell’s employee

Russell Roof Tiles has created an award to honour the passing of one of its longest serving employees, John “Johnny” Jamieson. 

He was a much loved and cared for employee and colleague throughout his 40 plus years at the roof tile manufacturer.  

As a tribute to Johnny and his golfing passion, Russell Roof Tiles has created the “Johnny Jamieson Cup”, to be awarded on  the manufacturerAnnual Golf Day, to a player that reflects just some of Johnny’s many qualities. 

Johnny joined the roof tile manufacturer in 1974 aged 21, where he went on to build a successful career and retired after a fruitful 44 years at the company. 

For his friends and colleagues, Johnny was very much thought of as part of the original fabric and foundations of the business. He personified the Russell Roof Tiles company ethos of a family-based culture leading to satisfaction and high morale in the workplace no matter the current situation.  

Andrew Hayward, Managing Director at Russell Roof Tiles said: “I personally still remember Johnny’s warm welcome to myself on my first day nearly 30 years ago that indeed assisted myself in settling in. He was generous with his time and thoughts to so many and made a terrific lasting impression to all he encountered. 

I have no doubt Johnny was as popular in the community as he was here at Russell Roof Tiles for he possessed a rare commodity in many of natural humility and a general kindness to all he encountered. Having been a pivotal member of the team for over 40 years, we are proud to introduce the Johnny Jamieson Cup in his honour.