Back to school for Russell Roof Tiles

Russell Roof Tiles is investing its time and commitment into encouraging the next generation into construction by rolling out a series of local school talks.

According to a recent report by YouGov Omnibus, just three per cent of young people aged between 18-24 have searched for a job in the construction industry in the past year.

Now, Russells wants to change this by providing a beneficial service to the community whereby its leading industry experts provide presentations, videos and a talk at schools for those who might be considering a career in construction when they leave school or college.

The talks are designed to teach school youngsters about the benefits and the various roles on offer in the industry and schools in Lochmaben and Burton-on-Trent – where Russells has its three factories – are already jumping at the chance to have a construction expert visit.

Andrew Hayward, Managing Director at Russell Roof Tiles said: “At Russells, we understand the importance of investing our time and money in young people and strengthening their skills and careers.

“Many young people don’t understand the benefits and different roles that you can find in this industry including accountancy, sales, engineering and admin and our role is to teach them about the different career routes.

“We have already seen a few schools sign up but we want to encourage more schools to do so as this will ensure that as many young people as possible can benefit from these visits.”

The school visits are part of a wider initiative by Russells to promote construction as a viable career option for those leaving school or college with apprenticeships, an annual bursary and recruitment open days already being offered by the firm. Last year, Russells also opened a training centre to help build skills and nuture young talent.

To enquire about Russell Roof Tiles’ school visits from September onwards, please contact