Social Housing – Dundee

To find a tile that replicates the look of the natural clay and slate tile variants in the area
Galloway – part of the Natural Range and has the appearance of slate and clay in a range of carefully chosen colours
Mill O’ Mains, Dundee
Currently in fourth and final phase


Mill ‘O’ Mains is a major social housing development of 300 new homes and is part of Dundee City Council’s ongoing regeneration plans to replace outdated properties.


Russell Roof Tiles Galloway tile was chosen for the development because of its high quality and natural appearance. The roof tiles are part of Russell’s Natural Range – an expanding selection of thinner leading edge tiles that have the appearance of natural clay and slate.


The first roof tile delivery arrived at the construction site in October 2013 and work is still ongoing with the fourth and final phase having started late last year.