Common Myths in Pitched Roofing

In our latest blog we aim to dispel some of the common myths in roofing to create a seamless roofing experience from start to finish…

  1. It doesn’t matter what you use or where it’s from?

The mix and match approach to using various products from different manufacturers can frequently cause long term problems. Products are often designed to work seamlessly together, and contractors need to ensure they are confident in using the right products from the same manufacturer. This is essential to ensure a long lasting and reliable roofing solution.

You wouldn’t buy a car with parts designed and produced from different manufacturers, and the same principle should be held for roofing. So, while you can technically mix various roofing products – it is not recommended.

  1. You don’t need a guarantee…

A manufacturer’s guarantee provide the contractor and developer with the confidence and reassurance, that they are receiving a viable and sustainable roofing solution from a credible company.

For example, Russell Roof Tiles provides a RussSpec – a 15-year guarantee when using the manufacturer’s whole roof solutions, and where the specification has been followed in detailed in accordance with its advice, the fixing specification and instruction.

By using guarantees, contractors and developers can reduce the number of roofing claims each year and be in a stronger position to guarantee a viable roofing solution where possible. Therefore, a guarantee is essential.

  1. Concrete is not sustainable…

There is a common misconception that a concrete pitched roof tiles is not a sustainable product, compared to its counterpart clay. But when looking at the whole manufacturing process, concrete is in reality is more sustainable.

Did you know that concrete

  • Requires considerably less energy usage during productions.
  • Is cured at a much lower temperature for only a short amount of time.
  • Has an energy saving of 30 per cent compared to its clay counterpart.

A study showed that during its entire lifecycle, a concrete roof tile only creates around 45 per cent of the greenhouse gases triggered by a clay roof tile during its lifetime.

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