Dry Hip (3m)

The Russell Dry Hip System (3m) is designed to provide a mechanically fixed, neat and attractive finish to the hip line without the use of mortar.

It is suitable for use with all of the Russell smooth finish interlocking tile range and usable on roof slopes up to a maximum of 45° pitch and where the hip eaves intersections is 90° on plan. The system is available in 3m packs either to suit flat tiles and slates or to suit profiled tiles.

Manufactured in accordance with the requirements of BS 5534.

Russell Dry Hip System (3m) is suitable for use with our full roof tile range and is fitted with our Universal Angle, Multi Ridge and Half Round ridge profiles.




Components in a 3m Box

Item No in Box
3m Hip Roll  x1
Ridge Unions (Uni angle, Half Round or Multi Angle)  x6
Hip Batten Connectors  x6
125mm x 4.5mm Stainless Steel Screws  x6
Neoprene Washer x6

Packaging & Pallet Quantities

Boxes Per Pallet Weight of Pallet
120 166KG