RussFast Dry Mono Ridge (5m)

RussFast Mono Ridge is a simple robust 5 metre dry fix system designed to meet BS 5534 and is used in conjunction with the mechanical fixing of the mono ridge tiles themselves.

It gives an attractive neat solution requiring no maintenance. The system when fitted with the ventilated roll provides the equivalent of a continuous 5mm air gap.

Manufactured in accordance with the requirements of BS 5534 and BS 8612.

RussFast Mono Ridge (5m) is suitable for use with our full tile range and is a dedicated fit with Russell Mono Ridge Tiles.




Components in a 5m Box

Item No in Box
5m RussFast ventilated Ridge Roll  x1
RussFast Mono Ridge Unions  x10


Packaging & Pallet Quantities

Boxes Per Pallet Weight of Pallet
81 1.9KG