Eaves Vent System (6m)

The Russell Eaves Vent System is a 3 part 6m ventilation pack which provides a practical, discreet and cost effective solution for roof ventilation requirements.

Part 1 – Roll Out Rafter Eave Vent

The Roll Out Rafter Eave Vent is suitable for 400mm, 450mm and 600mm rafter centres.

The vacuum formed roll should be fixed to the rafters at one end of the roof, ensuring that the lower edge overhangs the wall plate. It then needs to be simply rolled, nailed or stapled along the required length.

The panel is suitable for new build situations, while its flexibility makes it ideal refurbishment where rafter centres are often not constant or not known. Used with the over fascia ventilator, it ensures the requirements of a continuous 10mm – 25mm gap are maintained into the roofspace.

Part 2 Felt Support Tray
The function of the felt support tray is to prevent roofing felt sagging and puddling.

This will eliminate a number of potential problems but principally the collection of water on sagging felt. This can require extensive felt restoration and lead to the risk of water forming within the eaves area with water damage to the timbers as a result.

Part 3 Over Fascia Ventilator

Russell Roof tiles offer either a 10mm or 25mm option and they are both designed to be fitted on the top of the fascia board. The over fascia ventilator discreetly ensures a positive passage of airflow into the roofspace between the felt and fascia board, making it ideal for new build or refurb situations.

Where necessary it allows for the eaves comb filler to be nailed through the unit into the facsia board.

It provides the equivalent airflow of a continuous 10mm or 25mm gap depending which option is selected (Please qualify airflow requirement when placing an order)