The Russell Russvent  tile ventilators are designed to offer Architects and Specifiers all the practicalities of roof ventilation with the aesthetics and ease of installation of a normal tile.

Russvent is designed for use for ventilation of the roof space. It can also be used as a soil vent pipe (SVP) or mechanical extract terminal.

The Russvent is available in concrete and plastic in the following profiles

Concrete RussVent Plastic RussVent
Grampian Cheviot
Highland Pennine
Galloway Double Roman
Plain Tile  


All Russell Roof Tiles concrete fittings are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of BS EN 490 “Concrete Roof Tiles and Fittings-Product specifications” and BS EN 491 “Concrete Roof Tiles and Fitting-Test Methods”.



Technical Information

Main Tile (Concrete or Plastic)  Plain Tile
Free Airflow = 10,000mm2  Free Airflow = 7,500mm2
Minimum Pitch = 22.5°  Minimum Pitch = 35°


2.0 Metre c/c spacing = 5,000mm2    
1.0 Metre c/c spacing = 10,000mm2    


Airflow resistance when used as a SVP/Extract Terminal
54m³/Hr 15 Litres / Sec 10 Pa
108m³/Hr 30 Litres / Sec 42 Pa
216m³/Hr 60 Litres / Sec 162 Pa

Product Data Sheets

Double Roman RussVentView
Pennine RussVentView
Moray-Polden RussVentView
Galloway-Lothian RussVentView
Grampian - Highland RussVentView