Russells remains on top with top investment

Pioneering roof tile manufacturer, Russell Roof Tiles has invested more than £85,000 in dry verge products, to help meet growing customer demand.

Having produced dry verge products for more than 25 years, Russell Roof Tiles’ latest investment has allowed for new and improved injection moulding machinery equipment and technology to be installed at its dedicated plastics site on Wetmore Lane in Burton-on-Trent.

The upgrade in dry verge machinery will ensure that Russell Roof Tiles, which has always met the highest standards in manufacturing, is continuing to produce a high-quality product in a quick and efficient timeframe for the customer, even when demand is so high. In addition, the customer will have the added assurance and knowledge that they are receiving a value for money product.

Orders of dry verge have grown considerably in the past few years with Russell Roof Tiles noticing an increase in contractors and developers looking for an all-in-one roofing solution. Specifying both roofing tiles and plastic accessories from one manufacturer ensures that the products are designed to work together to create a more reliable and effective roofing fixing solution.

At a time when the UK is seeing harsher weather, the need for sustainable and reliable roofing products has become ever more important. Due to mortar bedding for ridge, hip and verge tiles no longer being deemed a reliable fixing solution, dry verge solutions had to be adopted across all regions of the UK because it is a quick, secure and more cost-effective method.

As a result of this demand, a revised BS 8612 was introduced earlier this year to recognise this change, specifying the requirements and methods of testing for dry-fix products by setting out both quality and performance criteria.

Mark Parsons, Technical Director at Russell Roof Tiles, said: “The increase in demand for dry verge products has been growing year on year and our latest investment at Russell Roof Tiles will ensure that we are leading the way in improved modern technology and customer service.

“Russell Roof Tiles’ dry verge products have a proven track record, having been used across the UK. The materials used are of a high grade and are designed to last. As manufacturers, we work closely with the contractors and developers to ensure that they have the best fixing specification which will in turn ensure a sustainable and reliable roofing solution.”

Russell Roof Tiles is a leading independent roof tile manufacturer providing leading UK house builders and high-profile social housing and commercial projects, where sustainability and eco-credentials are of the utmost priority.