Sustainability Overview

Russell Roof Tiles

makes every effort possible to ensure that we are a responsible and sustainable company, taking into account all of our widespread stakeholders.  We have published an overview report based upon our key sustainability figures for 2014. This follows on from the initial sustainability report in 2013. To view the 2014 report click here and to view all our Accreditation Certificates

Resource Recycling

Russell Roof Tiles has carefully considered the end of life use of our products and we aim to keep landfill waste to a minimum. Every delivery we make takes into consideration vehicle load efficiency and road planning in order to minimise the impact on the environment.

All of our tiles and fittings are transported to the end user on timber pallets and we have had a returnable pallet scheme in place since April 1999, whereby pallets are returned or collected back from customers. Pallets returned either go straight back into production to be reused, or those which don’t meet the required standard go for repair prior to being reused.

Concrete waste from our manufacturing operations is ground up into aggregate and reused in other construction projects or used in the creation of new concrete. Russell Roof Tiles were actively involved in Trade Associations which led to the BRE (Building Research Establishment) Environmental Profile for Russell Roof Tiles Interlocking Concrete Roof Tiles.

These environmental profiles measure environmental performance throughout a products life and provide key indicators of environmental sustainability. All our tile ranges have been given an A+ rating (the lowest environmental impact) in the BRE Green Guide. Russell concrete roof tiles are a long life, durable product  with a life expectancy in excess of sixty years and require only minimal maintenance once installed. In the case of our plastic components, any PVC waste can be reground and reused. Wherever possible we try to use recycled water as part of our water usage policy.


At Russell Roof Tiles we are continually building a diverse workforce. The recent continual growth of the company has created new employment opportunities in both production and at our main office in Burton-on-Trent. Almost a third of our workforce is under 30 and the company has invested heavily in training and integrating young people into the industry. We take health and safety very seriously and pride ourselves on our incident record. We are certified to OHSAS 18001:2007 and our management teams carry out scheduled ‘Visible Felt Leadership’ reviews, looking to maintain and improve health and safety for all employees.

Sustainable Products

Concrete roof tiles offer an extremely durable and sustainable roofing option. The material qualities of our tiles means that once fitted they are unlikely to need to be replaced due to material failure. Russell Roof Tiles pioneered the ‘Thin Leading Edge’ tile that uses around 30% less raw material input, whilst still maintaining excellent strength. A significant environmental cost reduction can also be made from being able to transport 240 ‘TLE’ tiles on a pallet as opposed to 192 for standard tiles. Our plain tile blends can give a roof an authentic clay tile finish but with many added environmental benefits. Although clay Is often seen as a more sustainable product due to its ‘naturally occurring’ nature, the production process is very energy intensive compared to that of concrete roof tiles. Russell Roof Tiles has recently joined forced with leading UK PV panel manufacturer Romag to offer an integrated solar solution for houses and commercial buildings. The industry leading PV cells are capable of generating around 1 kWp from just 7 square meters of installation. The use of such products is becoming increasingly important in the UK construction projects and with our partnership we are able to support this drive for sustainable buildings.


We have been holding Liaison Committee meetings with both staff and external stakeholders to review any issues in the surrounding communities. In August 2014 Russell Roof Tiles raised over £7,000 for MacMillan and Great Ormond Street charities through participation in the ‘Roofing Racers’ triathlon.