Ladden Garden Village, South Gloucestershire

Finding a concrete roof tile to recreate a classic village feel
Yate, South Gloucestershire
Bellway Homes

David Wilson Homes St Ives Lothian Tiles


The Russell Roof Tiles team worked collaboratively with Bellway Homes to provide expertise and technical specification information, as well as offering peace of mind that the roofs would perform for many years to come. The Grampian tile from the commercial range, in slate grey and cottage red, were specified by Bellway Homes, providing the aesthetic diversity required for this large-scale development.


The Grampian concrete roof tiles have been successfully installed on 110 homes, with a further 137 still in early development stages. However, the construction of new homes at Ladden Garden Village is proceeding at a rapid pace with more than a third of the private homes having been sold and 28 having just been handed over to Bromford housing association.

David Wilson Homes St Ives Lothian Tiles