Half Round Ridge

The Half Round Ridge tile is suitable for use on both the ridge and hip of the roof. It is primarily used on Profiled interlocking tile roofs or Traditional Plain tile roofs on the ridge line in conjunction with a Third Round Ridge on the hips. It can be fixed with Russell Dry ridge systems or mechanically fixed and bedded in mortar in accordance with BS5534.

Length Width Height Weight
457mm 250mm 100mm 5.4KG

The Half Round ridge is available in a range of colours please see below

Ember Red    
Peat Brown    
Slate Grey    
Ember Orange    
Country Stone    


All Russell Roof Tiles concrete fittings are Manufactured in accordance with the requirements of BS EN 490 “Concrete Roof Tiles and Fittings-Product specifications” and BS EN 491 “Concrete Roof Tiles and Fitting-Test Methods”.



Technical Information

Maximum Roof Pitch (with Russell Roof Tiles)  
Tiles per linear metre  
Dry Fix Compatibility  
Compatible with all Russell Roof Tiles Dry Fix Systems  


Packaging & Pallet Quantities

Tiles Per Pallet Weight of Pallet
96 518kg
Tiles Per Band Weight of Band
4 22kg




The  Half Round Block End Ridge can be used to close off the gable end and can be used in conjunction with Russell’s Dry Verge systems.

Length Width Height Weight
410mm 250mm 100mm 6.2kg